Like most people I struggle to write a bio. I’ll say a few things here but for the most part it might be best if you look at what I have said and done directly.

If you want to know what I’ve done professionally for the last 15 years or so check out my LinkedIn profile. With respect to my writing experience, every position I have held has demanded strong writing skills at the heart of the job. I have created highly technical specifications, general requirements, and mountains of process and operational documentation for both external customers and internal colleagues. Creating B-to-B and B-to-C communications like newsletters and marketing copy, catalog and reference information has also been a large part of my experience.

The Linked In profile will list what the positions I’ve held, but you can get a smattering of my work directly from the “Technical, Etc.” column of my writing samples page. 


 Also I have begun, after a 20-year hiatus, to take up what I loved in my youth – fiction, poetry, drama, and whatever my fancy chooses to write about.

You can get the best idea of my current work by visiting my work posted on Medium.

I have also begun to publish after so many years, and a look at my recently  published play, The Shaming of the Rake, would give you an idea where I am headed overall.

My success as a writer so far has been in areas I am proud to say I have done well. What I am entering now is a new phase of an old desire – to write from myself. I have great hopes for doing so in a way others will find valuable.

Craig on Medium

Craig on Amazon

 Married 20 years to my beloved Pat, without whom I would probably be still trying and failing to learn how to love and be loved. In middle age we eloped like teenagers and no decision I have ever made before or since, impulsively or with great deliberation, has ever been more right.


 Beyond that, there’s really nothing interesting I can offer other than bad jokes on Facebook and Google Plus.

Did I say “interesting”? Only if you find the 21st Century equivalent of home movies “interesting”.

Any bio needs to end with an apology. I am sorry.