I bring nearly 40 years writing experience to my work, as a technical and business writer, reporter,  journalist, columnist and copywriter. I am also a published author of short fiction, poetry and drama, working now on my first novel.

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 I regularly publish short fiction, articles, poems and experiments  on Medium. My main profile page  provides everything I’ve posted, including comments on other stories You might enjoy my most recent award-winning short story:

The Island of Doubt Is Like the Taste of Medicine

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The End of an Ordinary Life
A Memoir in Verse

In mid-summer 2016 I threw out everything I had ever written over the previous forty years, save for the poems in this volume.

Every word. Thousands of pages of poems, stories, plays and sketches, song lyrics, essays, news articles, experiments, music – all of it in the landfill.

What is collected here is all that is left, all that remains of what I have written down of my life. I declared everything else garbage and treated it as such because it was an anchor holding me back.

This is the memoir of my former life in verse. This is the hacksaw that will cut me free from that anchor. This is the final box of refuse to be pushed off the tailgate. This is the end of an ordinary life.

The Shaming of the Rake
Being a short but most delightful Commedia dell Arte play 

Lord Digitos, a nobleman and legend in his own mind, is a skirt chaser whose faithful wife has decided she’s had enough. His friend, Lord Avari, is a miser but inveterate gambler whose betting debts will bankrupt the household and gain him a beating or worse. His wife, too, has decided it is time he learned his lesson. The two ladies contrive to turn the tables and make the lords suffer so as to shame them into becoming better men. With the help of the kitchen maids, the guards and even Avari’s valet, they put on a show of a manor house gone mad: The chaser of skirts is himself chased, the miser’s gold is proven useless to save beloved lives, the faithful lady is wooed and fought for, then accused of witchcraft!


 Platform Service Request (PSR) Prioritization Process Outline

I am as deeply experienced with the development of  processes and procedures as well as I am documenting them. This offers what might be the best example of the current state of my technical writing skills, but I also developed this system, evolved it over time, and wrote the documentation for colleagues to use it. In the absence of official SOPs in my organization I created my own.


An operational walk-through I wrote as support for my (shared) patent:

United States 8,606,708
Issued December 10, 2013

SSAE16 audit in 2012:  

A short 6-page technical overview I wrote to fulfill the requirements of an SSAE16 audit in 2012:



Shared Services Client News

June 2012 edition of a monthly newsletter I wrote and designed to help the larger organization (Intuit Financial Services) understand Services Oriented Architecture and the Services they used to build their digital banking applications